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Businesses, organisations, and individuals who want to sell alcohol in England and Wales require a licence, or other authorisation from a licencing authority, such as the local council, to do so. It is a lengthy process with many moving parts, and so a complex decision for any business to consider. The good news, however, is InterSend has already completed the process for you.

Did you know that InterSend holds a Premises Licence? This means we can offer reliable alcohol fulfilment services to our clients. So, whether you are sending a bottle of celebratory fizz to someone special, or simply stocking up your swanky wine bar (or even your own kitchen), you can do so in the knowledge that we will get your parcel to its destination in one piece – and in a law-abiding manner.

What is an Alcohol Distribution Licence?

So, you want to start delivering bottles of booze to Birmingham or miniatures to Manchester? To legally retail alcohol to customers, you will need an alcohol distribution licence. This is a permit issued by government authorities that allows companies or individuals to sell and distribute alcohol online.

To obtain such accreditation, companies must meet various requirements including maintaining a valid business licence, demonstrating the necessary knowledge to handle and sell alcohol responsibly, and passing various health and safety standards. Additionally, as part of the complicated application process, companies will have to pay fees and undergo periodic inspections to ensure compliance with regulations – both of which are costly and time-consuming.

How will outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment benefit you?

There are many ways alcohol fulfilment can benefit your business. Firstly, it allows companies to focus on their core competencies, leaving the logistics and distribution of alcohol to third-party providers who specialise in this area. Not only will this lead to increased efficiency but significant cost savings, as companies will not have to invest in their own infrastructure and personnel for alcohol fulfilment.

Additionally, outsourcing this service can provide access to a far wider range of markets and customers, since third-party providers, like ourselves, will have established relationships with retailers, wholesalers, and other key players in the alcohol industry – helping businesses to expand their reach and sales potential.

When is the right time to outsource your alcohol fulfilment?

The decision to outsource alcohol fulfilment is not always an easy one, and the timing will depend on various factors unique to each business. However, there are several situations where outsourcing may be the right choice.

A key indicator the time may be right is when a business is experiencing rapid growth or struggling to keep up with growing product demand. In this scenario, outsourcing can provide the necessary scalability to handle increased order volumes while maintaining quality and consistency.

Similarly, outsourcing can be beneficial when a business is facing logistical challenges, for instance lack of storage space, transportation infrastructure, or regulatory compliance expertise.

At InterSend, our specialist knowledge and resources can help navigate these challenges. Our dedicated team conduct high-quality pick and pack services within our large warehouse space while the use of advanced integration systems helps us to manage your stock in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our direct mail services are fast, flexible, and reliable with shipping both within the UK and across the globe ensuring your product gets from A to B safely. Better still, our buying power also helps reduce print and materials costs, providing customers more bang for your buck.

Outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment to InterSend

At InterSend, we understand the significance of delivering your customers’ orders in perfect condition – especially when it comes to fragile glass bottles! We have an expert team that is dedicated to delivering flexible and cost-effective solutions and have implemented rigorous packing protocols in our warehouse to ensure all orders are received in the same pristine condition as when they were despatched.

If you wish to learn more about our alcohol storage and fulfilment services, contact us at


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