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The use of influencers is becoming an ever-more popular tool for today’s brands. Brand and product promotion that was once in the hands of Hollywood royalty is now managed over entire networks of influencers in a multitude of innovative ways.

A recent report showed over 86% of marketers had used influencer marketing, and 92% of those that tried found it to be effective. Nearly 40% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget. And it’s not just consumer brands, B2B is starting to follow this new marketing trend too; leveraging influencers to target their key demographics. By teaming up with the right influencers, you can quickly reach thousands of potential consumers, increasing website traffic and sales. By capitalising on the relationship between popular influencers and their followers, you help drive your brand’s awareness and sales to specific demographics.

This marketing method expands further still, not just utilising true influencers and their fees, but also encompassing the humble advocates, those with enough followers to tilt brand perceptions with their social reach, but happy to promote for the reward of free products.

Feeding this wide network of brand ambassadors can sometimes require logistics that are varied and complex, from extensive multi-product assembly to spectacularly gift-wrapped presentation. No matter what your requirements, our experienced team are ready to assist, even at a moment’s notice, ensuring your products or merchandise arrive in perfect condition and on time, every time.

From the moment your products enter our facility, they are checked and logged in our advanced warehouse management system, laying the foundations for exceptionally accurate fulfilment and stock control.

We deliver maximum flexibility in our fully-insured storage facilities, we process orders quickly with industry-leading reliability and accuracy. We offer an extensive range of pick and pack support solutions from creating stunning branded eco-packaging to personalised printing and specialist gift-wrapping.

We offer a wide range of shipping options utilising our preferential rates with all major postal, courier and freight networks both in the UK and abroad. Our Warehouse system easily integrates with your eCommerce system to give real-time inventory, order and tracking visibility.

We fulfil thousands of clients’ influencer orders. We fully recognise the significance of consistent packaging, elegant pack assembly, gift wrapping, timely delivery and staying on brand. We can think outside of the box when it comes to packaging, focussing on the importance of your influencers’ delight when they unbox live on social media to their followers.

We can assist with regular influencer rollouts of individual promotional campaigns. From influencer kits creative development, custom creations and direct mailings to warehousing, fulfilment, and distribution, we offer a one-stop-shop approach to your needs.

We also cater for celebrity gifting and offer fully-insured, secure storage and shipping for high-value, premium products. We work with complete discretion and all your data, including high-profile data, is always secure and protected in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Gift BOX & Subscription
PACK Assembly
Products quality control, exceptional accuracy, precision packing and reliable delivery are paramount to ensuring your final products arrive as beautifully presented influencer packs. We provide flexible, scalable solutions that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing requirements.
Utilising priority, standard and economy services provided by most of the world’s leading postal suppliers, courier and freight companies we have the flexibility to deliver the most time-efficient and cost-effective options available.
Print & Print
By offering in-house laser jet printing, as well as access to a network of trusted print, we can provide highly tailored print solutions. From influencer campaign instructions to stunning branded boxes, our flexibility allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective print and rapid turnaround times even with personalisation.
Great data management is essential for good business. Our data team has the experience to clean, manage, enhance and segment your lists to maximise their potential. Like all our customers’ data, influencer and celebrity data is stored with a high level of security and a firm eye on GDPR compliance.
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