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You will find it hard to find a partner with more knowledge and experience in the magazine sector. Our sister company, InterMedia, is the UK’s only fully integrated provider of a multi-channel approach to circulation, marketing and distribution solutions.

Both InterSend and InterMedia are part of the InterGo group, we work together seamlessly to communicate and deliver your magazine brand to your audience across multiple channels, managing all routes to the consumer with comprehensive brand marketing, extensive fulfilment and distribution options alongside key business support solutions.

We serve the growing circulation marketing needs of independent publishers servicing over 80,000 subscriber calls and distributing over 3,000,000 magazines every year across 86 countries. We provide a comprehensive range of circulation marketing and distribution services to help your grow your readership across every route to the consumer.

We ensure your magazines are marketed on the retail newsstand in the UK and around the globe, both cost-effectively and with maximum impact. We offer end-to-end newsstand distribution solutions, from printing press to retail newsstand, managing the process every step of the way.

We have the tools, experience and expertise to maximise your retail sales throughout the UK and globally. Our team secures magazine and collectable brands the shelf space they deserve. We have notable reach across 86 territories worldwide where we work with leading international retailers to grow your global audience. We support these sales with sea and air freight solutions. We provide exceptionally cost-effective, reliable storage, fulfilment and mailing logistics. We get your magazines into the marketplace on time, every time. Most importantly, we ensure our highly competitive pricing never means compromising on service or quality – for you or your readers.

Through creative subscription management strategies, combining the best customer service, end-to-end fulfilment technology and direct mailing, we maximise reader acquisition and retention. Our analytical and reporting tools, help you maximise acquisition and retention rates, measuring the lifetime value of your customers. We boast a sophisticated multi-functional subscription database platform designed to manage all types of subscriptions including print, digital and bundled packages. We utilise this data to its maximum potential – analysing and reporting every step of the way. We create secure subscription portals with payment gateways supporting all major payment methods available. Our suite of market intelligence reports provides information in real-time, giving you access to the very latest information through a dedicated online client portal and mobile app.

We provide a secure warehouse and inventory management system which caters for the storage and despatch of products to your readers. We can effectively manage current and back issue stock, as well as gift and affiliated brand merchandise. We provide creative services, printing services, leaflet and advertising insertion, poly and paper wrapping and advanced barcode labelling. We back this up with business support services including data management including gone-away processing and a multi-channel contact centre.

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Creating a bespoke distribution service for Quids In! Magazine
As a division of InterGo Holdings Ltd, InterSend boasts significant experience in the distribution and fulfilment of magazines, owing in no small part to its sister company InterMedia, which works across a growing portfolio of both consumer and trade and professional magazines to provide retail newsstand distribution and subscription fulfilment services.
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Great data management is essential for good business. It should be accurate, consistent, enhanced, personalised, segmented, ideally opted-in, secure and of course GDPR compliant. Our data team has the experience to clean, manage, enhance and segment your lists to maximise their potential.
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By offering in-house laser jet printing, as well as access to a network of trusted print partners , we can provide highly tailored print solutions. Our flexibility allows us to provide cost-effective print and fast turnaround times even with personalisation.
Utilising priority, standard and economy services provided by most of the world’s leading postal suppliers, courier and freight companies we have the flexibility to give you the most time-efficient and cost-effective delivery options available.
From subscriber renewals to customer feedback, our experienced team are here to help handle and forward your communications, giving you more time to focus on your business.
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