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As a 3PL partner, we are highly proficient at finding ways to cut your costs without sacrificing quality. Our buying power gives us access to discounted rates for delivery and other key services. By outsourcing your fulfilment and logistics, we minimise your in-house staff requirements and costs; reducing your capital outlay on recruitment, training, technology, space and utilities whilst providing complete flexibility and scalability as your subscription memberships grow.

More than half of online buyers currently use one or more versions of a subscription service. This is still set to expand significantly as more new and established brands shift into this recurring revenue model. As competition continues to rise, it is essential to focus on the key factors which encourage customer loyalty.

Within most subscription businesses, all eyes are on the ‘churn rate’; the rate at which customers discontinue a subscription service. Industry research suggests that, on average, 40% of people who purchase any kind of subscription will cancel it or swap to another similar competitor service. As your logistics partner, we play an essential role in keeping your churn rate down, by ensuring we consistently hit the mark, getting you packs arriving in perfect condition, on brand and on time, every time.

We accurately pick, pack and deliver with industry-leading accuracy. Our reliable and experienced packing team are ready to meet any new challenges as your membership grows, adapting with exceptional speed and grace. We have a huge team to support large volume processing and our warehouse layouts are designed to optimise pick and pack rates. Our Warehouse Management System is built to manage the transferral of individual SKUs into assembled kits. As kits are despatched, our WMS updates the stock inventory, updating you in real-time.

We service both key types of subscriber model, ‘replenishment’ and ‘variable content’, which require a different approach to fulfilment and logistics.

Firstly, we support subscription models based on product replenishment; sending the same products every month. These models require unwavering dedication to on-time delivery. Late deliveries, mean your customers can run out of your product, forcing them to buy elsewhere; potentially jeopardising their brand loyalty. When members subscribe to a subscription service, from razors to vitamins, they expect their product there when promised. Regardless of if you have a pre-established monthly shipping date for all your deliveries, or your customer selects their own, we ensure your subscription packs land with your customers on time, keeping your delivery promise.

Secondly, there are the subscription models, based on variable content; sending perfectly curated, innovative mixes of products. This model requires a more flexible 3PL solution. We work closely with you to address the challenge of varying fulfilment and logistics costs as touch rates and shipping weights fluctuate, but your subscribers’ fees remain flat. It is essential you can have rapid feedback as you select your next shipment to ensure your profit margins are always secured. We are there every step of the way to ensure you have all the information you need to make fast, accurate decisions every time. Our service is flexible and scalable allowing for your changing needs.

You work hard to acquire new subscribers and keep them excited every month; your logistics promises must be kept. As your 3PL partner, the way we work directly reflects on your service, we want to give your customers the best possible experience, inspiring their loyalty. We understand how important it is for you to rely on perfectly packed shipments, cost-effective rates and timely delivery. These criteria are essential to your business model’s success; we won’t ever let you down.

Reliably fulfilling subscription packs for uOpen since 2017
One of the first to embrace the fast-emerging Subscription Box marketplace, InterSend has worked closely with uOpen and its merchants to provide flexible, high quality and efficient storage and fulfilment solutions across a broad range of products which are beautifully assembled and packed to bring a smile to customers faces at the point of receipt.
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Gift BOX & Subscription
PACK Assembly
Product quality control, exceptional accuracy, precision packing and reliable delivery are paramount to ensuring your final products arrive as beautifully presented packs. We provide flexible, scalable solutions that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing offerings.
We provide a huge range of mail, courier and freight solutions for subscription packs which can be tailored to your exact needs. Utilising priority, standard and economy services provided we have the flexibility to give you the most time-efficient and cost-effective delivery options available.
Our bespoke service takes care of all your subscription pack fulfilment needs, ensuring that your products reach your customers cost-effectively, on time, every time. We provide fully insured storage facilities, expert pick and pack services and a wide range of shipping options utilising our preferential rates.
The foundations of any professional fulfilment business hinge on outstanding service and perfectly integrated logistics systems. Our warehouse is powered industry-leading management software, providing a single, powerful solution to manage your subscription stock operation from end-to-end.
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