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Data management is used to cleanse, enhance and build your data. Cleaner data helps increase your return on investment, improve customer satisfaction and elevate response rates. We all have a responsibility under the Data Protection Act to keep data as accurate as possible.

There are a variety of data sources available to any business: internal data is usually held within your ERP, CRM, eCommerce and email systems; voluntary customer data is typically provided at the point of sale, online, by telephone or via surveys; purchased data which can be of varying qualities; and public data which can be assimilated from online sources, trade directories and other resources. It is important to review collation methods in order to improve accuracy from the outset.

Great data management is essential for good business. It should be accurate, consistent, enhanced, personalised, segmented, ideally opted-in, secure and, of course, legally compliant. Our data team has the experience to clean, manage, enhance and segment your lists to maximise your return on investment by increasing your response rates. Campaign metrics improve through targeting your audience more intelligently and directly, lowering the rate of returned mail, reducing bounced emails and ensuing you call the right phone numbers.

We provide rigorous data processing and preparation to ensure your mail meets all international and domestic formatting and posting requirements. We purge, merge and dedupe data to minimise unnecessary communications, saving you money on postage costs, reducing wastage, improving your brand image and customer retention. It helps you reach decision makers and helps you make better-informed decisions.

As a leader in direct mail, we know that the success of your mail campaign relies on how your data is handled and managed; data cannot be left to stagnate, it needs to be continuously cleaned. It makes good business sense for most companies to outsource data management to a specialist with a high level of expertise. Let us help you structure, manage and grow your data, leaving you to get on with growing your business.

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Secure DATA Storage
It is essential to ensure your data is protected from harm or misuse. Data security safety builds trust with your customers and prospects and is also a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act. Data security is our utmost priority; rest assured we are compliant with the Data Processing Act and follow the Data Marketing Association (DMA) Code of Practice. All our data is stored and managed in a highly secure electronic environment.
Data consolidation
It’s not unusual to have data coming from multiple systems and sources. Usually, this data needs to be merged in one central clean data repository. Deduping reduces the cost of duplicate communications and of course prevents annoying the customers who receive them. Without consolidating data, it can be difficult to accurately assess the likely, or actual success of any campaign. It can also create issues with extracting certain data when it is needed. Consolidation also helps reduce errors and can also reduce data management costs.
Postcode Address File
(PAF) Verification
Maximise your postage savings by screening your mailing data against the Post Office Address File (PAF). The PAF is updated once per quarter and can help refine your data, taking advantage of gone-away suppression to remove any known recipients that may have moved and also helping with bereavement suppression. The PAF is managed by the Royal Mail and is a list of over 1.8 million postcodes, homing over 29 million addresses. The PAF is a legal responsibility for the Royal Mail to maintain due to the Postal Services Act 2000. As a part of this responsibility, the Royal Mail provides the PAF in a variety of formats for organisations to use to ensure the accuracy of address information.
Royal Mail &
DSA Sortation
We can sort your data in a range of ways so that it is compliant for Royal Mail or Downstream Access companies (DSA’s). For larger mailings, it is essential to sort your data in order to take advantage of lower postal costs.
Data Procurement
There are many ways to grow your database but developing your own list can only take you so far. We are able to assist in the procurement of third-party databases with high-quality and verified data to boost your numbers for current and future campaigns.
It is important to understand who your customers are: their likes; their dislikes; their spending patterns; for example can all play an important role in developing strategies to target them. Whether repeat or new customers, segmenting provides the most cost-effective and productive campaign targeting. Data can be segmented in a huge variety of ways, including by gender, age, income, financial status, education level, online behaviour and geolocation. We can advise on how to collate, extract and procure segmented data, as well as work with existing segmented data to adapt campaigns for optimal targeting and personalisation.
GDPR Compliance
Most businesses have a reasonable understanding of GDPR these days. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies in principle to all automated personal data processing, and in some cases, manual processing of any personal data linked to the European Union. It applies to companies, associations, organisations, authorities and in some cases private individuals. Non-adhesion to GDPR can result in eye-watering penalties; authorities can have the ability to impose fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of a company’s total global annual turnover. We can advise on GDPR compliance and of course, we are GDPR compliant in all our actions on your behalf.
Mailing Preference Service
(MPS) Cleaning
The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) is set up by the Direct Mail Industry to enable consumers to have their details in the UK removed from commercial mailing lists. It is supported by the Royal Mail, trade associations and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The MPS service file is updated on a monthly basis and is an essential tool for regular cleaning, helping ensure you comply with the Data Protection Act.
Gone-Away Processing
Gone-away processing helps to significantly reduce future postage costs by building cleaner databases. Returned mail is usually routed directly to us via a clear return address. The contents are then processed according to your specification, either securely and destroyed or placed back into stock. We remove ‘gone-away’ recipients or incorrect mailing addresses from your databases, therefore improving the targeting of future mailing campaigns and minimising future delivery issues. Every bit of waste material generated from any returns is recycled, helping you to improve your carbon footprint.
Data Capture
We can process all manner of data, from GDPR compliant competition entries and reply cards to surveys and customer orders. Our expert operators accurately and efficiently process thousands of forms a day. If you are unfamiliar with the GDPR requirements for data capture, please contact us for advice.
Salutation Building
We can provide services to assign salutations to your data (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr for example). Many recipients of direct mail are unhappy when they receive mailings without any, or the correct salutation. Additionally, it adds even more personalisation opportunities if you can utilise this data within your campaigns.
Variable Data Printing
(VDP) Personalisation
VDP allows us to tailor-fits a direct mail package to recipients based on relative data. VDP campaigns tend to have higher ROIs due to better targeting and a higher perceived relevance due to more deep personalisation. There is an abundance of data that can be available, and when used correctly can open up more opportunities. Care must be taken using VDP personalisation as going too far can make recipients feel uncomfortable or even feel their privacy is being violated; using your data should create a stronger bond, not potentially alienate customers. We can advise on VDP and offer full VDP personalisation services.
Digital portals
& hosting
We support businesses with the design, building and hosting of digital payment portals designed to provide a rapid solution that enables you to sell merchandise, services and events online, utilising our secure payment gateways. Whether you understand the technicalities of online sales, or are new to eCommerce, our team are there to guide you through your options and deliver a portal that provides all the functionality both you and your customers need to succeed.
We provide leading UK contact centre services to help you acquire, answer and retain your customers managing multi-channel communications including dedicated landlines, email response and social media enquiries. From that initial sales call through customer services, our experienced team are here to help handle and forward your communications, giving you more time to focus on your business.
Print & Print
By offering in-house laser jet printing, as well as access to a network of print partners that have specialist machinery and niches, we can provide highly tailored solutions meeting any requirement. From stunning marketing materials to bespoke boxes, our flexibility allows us to provide you with the cost-effective print and fast turnaround times. Using laser and inkjet printing technologies, we can bring personalised communications to life for your customers at exceptional speed.
What our customers say
“For almost ten years we have trusted InterSend with the distribution of nearly two million printed magazines annually. Communication with our account manager has always been very fluid and we have found his prompt responses to be invaluable when overseeing complex logistics projects. Distribution of magazines in this volume is never without its challenges, but in InterSend we have found a partner that takes time to understand our needs and what is important to our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
James Evans - First Car
“InterSend manages our magazine distribution and storage needs effectively and efficiently which saves us both time and money, and gives us peace of mind that this side of our business is taken care of.”
Victoria Evans – Student Health Guide
“We have been working with InterSend for nearly ten years. During this period there have been many changes to our requirements, however in every case InterSend have been flexible and resourceful in meeting our needs and providing the highest level of service. In particular, InterSend have provided a personal service with excellent response times.”
Kumar Patel – Research Information
“As a growing business, InterSend have been very keen to meet our escalating customer needs, and we have really seen the benefit of that by their commitment to staying operational throughout the lockdown when mail order was of ever greater importance.”
Ben Smith – Rebellion
“InterSend are an invaluable partner for us handling the pick and pack of our magazine and merchandise bundles which go out all over the world. They integrate with our Shopify system which minimises administration and are always responsive to our needs.”
Patrick Napier – Rock Sound
“The Charity distributed a selection of PPE to our Beneficiaries and Volunteers during the COVID 19 lockdown. We were looking for a company to help us set this up and implement the plan. InterSend provided all the support we needed. From accepting the product direct from the manufacturer, selecting the most appropriate logistics partner through to providing feedback on the completed deliveries. InterSend provided an effective and efficient solution and we would definitely choose them as our partner again.”
Tom Rodger - NewstrAid
“We have been using InterSend for fulfilment of our online orders and can highly recommend their services.”
Thor Magnusson – Bioide
“We have been using InterSend for well over a year and have found them to be knowledgeable, professional, thorough, courteous, and very quick to respond. We can heartily recommend their services.”
Ian Barth – Church Communities UK
“InterSend go above and beyond what is required of a mailing house by providing quick, honest, reliable and efficient services. For a publishing and marketing services agency like Tudor Rose, cost-effective methods applied in a timely fashion are of utmost importance, and we could not have asked for a better service provider. If a company’s response to crisis is a mark of its integrity, then InterSend has certainly excelled. Their handling of the pandemic, and their attention to our needs during these trying times have constantly and pleasantly surprised us.”
Ritwik Bhattacharjee - Distribution Consultant for Tudor Rose
“InterSend has been providing the NFRN with a single source solution for the print, fulfilment and distribution of our members magazine The FED for seven years. With the InterSend team offering such a high level of support and reliability, we know the magazine is in safe hands. More importantly, it arrives in 11,500 of our members’ stores easily and on time every month.”
Anne Bingham - NFRN
“We are an early stage company with very seasonal sales, and we have benefitted greatly from InterSend's expertise in managing business cycles. InterSend have been reliable and strategic partners for us, helping us to navigate key issues such as stock management, improving our cost-base and transforming our customer services. Working in partnership with InterSend, in particular Dave McGrory, we have started to see strong growth in the right direction in our start-up by being able to respond to opportunities quickly, efficiently and reliably.”
Maha Khawaja - OjO Games & Toys
“We have worked with InterSend on a number of one-off projects and the ongoing fulfilment of gift cards for our e-commerce site. They are reliable, solutions-focussed, competitively priced and a trusted extension of our team. Having worked together for a number of years we've always had a positive experience and would recommend their services.”
Alison Boydall - Jellyfish
“We outsource the fulfilment of various monthly subscription boxes to the team at InterSend. From low volume runs of 200 to a recent complex 5000 custom gift box project, InterSend has been flexible and reliable in delivering a professional solution. Not having to worry about the fulfilment or warehousing side of our business has really allowed us to focus on growing our business as we continue to expand into the subscription box industry. Always a pleasure to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend InterSend's services.”
David Toon -
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