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Our manual for ‘goods in’ procedures and supplier deliveries, including delivery day and booking times, out of time windows, deliveries without bookings, deliveries arriving in a bad state, paperwork, packaging and pallet requirements. Please ensure that all relevant personnel and suppliers read, understand and adhere to all procedures in this manual. If you are in any doubt over the contents of this manual, please do not hesitate to contact the warehouse on 0203 978 4740 or

InterSend Limited, Unit 1, Cowley Mill Trading Estate, Longbridge Way, Uxbridge, UB8 2YG.

Delivery Day & Booking Time

All deliveries into InterSend must have a pre-booked date and time window. If you do not have a date and time, or there is any doubt about the delivery appointment then please contact us on (0203 978 4740 or

Deliveries Out of Time Windows

We will be as flexible as possible if pre-booked deliveries miss their delivery window, but such deliveries will be asked to wait if we have other pre-planned goods in or out movements at the time of arrival.

Deliveries Without Bookings

We will endeavour to process any un-booked deliveries, but will not be held responsible if we have to make these deliveries wait or turn them away.

Deliveries Arriving in A Bad State

Deliveries arriving in a bad state may be refused. Each box/pallet delivered must be of good quality. A picture will be taken and sent to our Client for final confirmation. We will not process any deliveries that we determine are in such a condition that it may put our employees at risk to do so.

Delivery Paperwork

Each delivery made must be accompanied by the original delivery note, or if made by third a party carrier using their own consignment note then the supplier’s name should be clearly shown. The delivery note / haulier’s consignment note should contain the following:-

• unique delivery note number on separate advice notes for each purchase order

• the address of InterSend

• a full description (and stock reference where available) of each item delivered

• the quantity and unit size of each item ordered and despatched

• the total number of units being delivered

• total number of boxes or bundles being delivered

• the sender of the goods as well as the original Client

The paperwork should arrive with the driver, please do not attach the paperwork to the pallets.

Deliveries without paperwork may be refused if we cannot readily identify the product being delivered.

Drivers should be instructed not to leave the site without a signed delivery note for each order delivered as this confirms receipt of the goods by InterSend.


The outer packaging must indicate the stock reference (where available), description and quantity of the items inside the box. Boxes with multiple items inside will not be accepted unless clearly marked. Boxes/pallets must be of good quality protecting the goods contained within.

Pallet, Type Quality & Total Height


Pallets must comply with BS2629, be four-way entry, non-reversible. Measuring 1000mm x 1200mm (40”x48”). No broken or slaved pallets will be accepted. Euro pallets will not be accepted unless with prior permission.


Each pallet must have its stock shrink wrapped fully to the pallet to ensure safety in transit. The maximum weight of the loaded pallet must not exceed 1250Kg. Items should be stacked on pallet with labels showing descriptions presented on as many outer faces as possible.


The height of the pallet and product must not exceed 1.7 metres.


Goods In 0203 978 4740 or

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