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EU-Based Fulfilment by InterSend Ltd

However, 73% of consumers want to buy products from a site in their native language, 92% want to use their own currency, and 51% have abandoned purchases due to international shipping costs. 

Additionally, regulatory barriers such as tax compliance often change. The complexity of dealing with 27 different national tax systems in the EU has imposed significant compliance costs on businesses, discouraging investments and putting European companies at a global disadvantage.

 In fact, 66% of retailers would sell in 10+ countries if there were harmonised European taxation. Furthermore, Brexit has added a significant additional layer of cost for UK imports and exports that can hamper growth. 

The main challenges for e-commerce companies across Europe include:

These challenges have not slowed down cross-border e-commerce, which increased to €200B in 2023. However, a McKinsey and Universal Post Union study has highlighted the industry’s need for substantial investments before 2030. With investment comes opportunity, and these include:

Those organisations that meet these challenges and seize on the opportunities present will be in a fantastic place to benefit from improved cross-border ecommerce selling into and within the EU.

Utilising third-party EU-based fulfilment solutions from InterSend helps streamline your shipping and logistics requirements, offering a better service to your customers and allowing you to trade into and within the EU market.

Who are InterSend?

As part of the InterGo group, our services take care of all your eCommerce fulfilment and logistics needs, ensuring that your products arrive in Europe cost-effectively and on time, every time. By becoming an extension of your business, we help empower you to succeed and grow. We pick, we pack, and we deliver; so you can enjoy focusing on what you do best.

What do we do?

We provide EU fulfilment solutions for you to effectively service your customers and clients within the European Union. We have fully insured warehouse facilities, expert pick and pack teams and cost-effective shipping, with preferential rates, via all major postal, courier and freight networks in the UK, EU and abroad. 

We create economical, bespoke solutions based on your storage requirements, pick and pack rate, transportation preferences, returns handling and any additional needs. 

All orders are processed seamlessly and any returns are handled swiftly, while our technology directly integrates with your eCommerce systems via an API, providing real-time inventory, stock management and order updates.

We also help you streamline and simplify your EU fulfilment, assisting with IOSS and taxation legislation, as well as obtaining VAT-IDs, EORIs, customs tariff numbers, invoicing and ensuring all EU-required data is present on shipments.

We are trusted partners to companies across multiple sectors. Every business is unique, and we are proud to support you with market-leading expertise and services. By keeping your storage and shipping costs to a minimum, you retain your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Where do we operate?

We provide EU-based warehousing, shipping and stock management services from our premises in The Netherlands, allowing you simpler and more cost-effective fulfilment for your EU customers.

Why InterSend?

Contact us to find out more about our EU-based fulfilment services and how you can maximise your opportunities in the EU market.

Every seller into the EU needs a comprehensive strategy to determine commercial viability and understand the next steps. Use our checklist below to help with your EU expansion.


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